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What is Concept map?

Concept map is a diagram that depicts suggested relationships between concepts
Different from the tree structure of mind maps:
The network structure of concept map can express the association and clue between concepts more vividly and freely.

1. Node: a concept is represented by geometric figures, patterns, characters, etc. Each node represents a concept.
2. Link: represents the relationship between different nodes. Various forms of lines are often used to link different nodes to express the association relationship between concepts.
3, text annotation: it can represent the relationship between different concepts, can also be a detailed concept elaboration, can also be the relevant description of the whole picture.

What can Mindfly Concept maps do for you?

A minimalist and efficient drawing experience
Double-click the canvas to add a node; Drag a node to another node to create an association line
Feel free to present your and your team's inspiration and ideas
You can brainstorm, gather ideas, and put together ideas with your collaborators in a more free-form way
Sort out ideas and relationships
Double-click anywhere you want to add nodes, and then connect them in a way you need to help you think and speak
More free mind maps and documentation
Don't like the rigid shape of mind maps? With Mindfly, you can create freer and better mind maps, and like Onenote, you can create free documents

Ensure data security, reliability and credibility

Stable service system, strictly controlled information security mechanism, to ensure your information security

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